Environmental Policy | Anglian Group

Environmental Policy | Anglian Group

Anglian is committed to adopting more sustainable manufacturing practices and is constantly working on ways in which we can conserve energy.

Environmentally Responsible

As well as being the leading manufacturer of energy efficient windows, we’ve implemented a number of strategies to reduce our carbon footprint, including:

  • Recycling of UPVC removed during the installation of Anglian windows to be re-processed into the non-visible parts of new frames

  • Recycling old window panes and re-processing off-cuts of glass, thus avoiding the high energy usage required when sand is melted to make new glass

  • Collecting timber, solar film, paper and polythene for recycling

  • Installing new cooling systems in our extrusion factory, expected to cut our annual CO2 emissions by 850 tonnes and our electricity bill by £150,000.

  • Minimising the use of solvents in our paints

  • A company-wide ’Switch It Off’ campaign to conserve electricity